Reduce Human Error

Prevent missing data

Required fields can be set to prevent users from proceeding without including important data fields or documents.

Avoid paying unsupported claims

System alerts the user upon attempt to approve payment without all required documentation.

Get answers from management - faster

When a user is presented with a claim amount above their approval level, the system triggers an escalation process to notify users with higher authority.

Analyze to Reduce Claim Costs

Identify packaging issues

Sort by claimant and product code to determine products experiencing excessive claim exposure related to loading and packaging problems.

Find gaps in training

Filter by trucker to find drivers that need additional training on product handling and transport.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

The reduction in the time it takes to process the claims is allowing us to actually find root causes.

With the number of clients we have spread across the state and country, VISIBILITY OF REPORTS and the ability to DATA INPUT FROM ANYWHERE were key selling points to us. We have clients in different cities logging on, entering claims data and generating their own company claim reports, whenever they want to. MyEZClaim offered us a UNIFIED SOLUTION that offered our clients VISIBILITY, EFFICIENCY and was COST EFFECTIVE.

to process and manage your freight claims.


See CarrierClaim in Action
See CarrierClaim in Action


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Finally, a Claim Management
System Built for Carriers

Robust stand-alone system

Use this Cloud-based, distributed software solution without purchasing any additional software. The product can be fully integrated with your TMS, accounting software, or other internal systems. No need to change your current backend systems.

Manage multiple levels of users

Create multiple administrative levels to allow users different levels of access, permissions and payment authority levels.

Fully customizable

Create custom fields and choose which fields are required. Choose from preprogrammed claim status options, or define your own to suit your needs.

Time Saving Features

Automate tedious claim tasks

Cut down on busy work such as data entry and reporting. Create and convert OS&D incident reports into carrier claims instantly.

Go paperless

Reduce paper, postage, and storage costs by digitizing your filing process.

Fast follow up

Automatically generate notification letters along with follow-up letters at 30, 60 and 90 day intervals. Letters are generated with all necessary claim details, such as shipper name, date filed, PRO number, claim reason, etc.

Automatically notify key personnel

Claim amounts or claim reasons will trigger notices to designated user groups; for example, a hazardous spill will trigger notification to the environmental team and upper management.

Skip the data entry

Have a shipper using MyEZClaim? Just import their claim data from MyEZClaim into your CarrierClaim system. All the data is automatically organized in your system, no data entry required.

Stay Organized With A Centralized System

Get fast, easy access to supporting documents

Store photos, bills of lading, receipts and other claim-related documentation securely with the claim record within the system.

Support multiple users working at once

Stop emailing your claim spreadsheet back and forth between coworkers. Work with a centralized, online database that supports multiple users concurrently, regardless of their work location.

Stop searching through emails

Email claimants and insurers from within the application; all Sent mail is organized and documented within CarrierClaim. Emails are organized within the system alongside the corresponding claim.


See CarrierClaim in Action

Data Mining Capabilities

Get data fast with preloaded reports

Save time with highly intuitive ad hoc reporting or choose from over 80 preloaded reports.

Customized reporting lets you discover every detail

With 150 different metrics to report on, you'll never miss a chance to reduce your claim bills. Create your own reports with metrics such as region, claimant, or claim reasons.

Prevent claims with powerful analytics

Detailed management reports enable you to quickly and easily mine, analyze and explore key business data to help increase performance.

Visualize your claims data

Experience a graphical data display for visual learning. Identify routes to be avoided by analyzing claims by region and lane, using the map visualization. Identify products damaged most often with the graphical or chart displays. Export to PDF for easy sharing.

Get data when you need it

Schedule reports to be emailed directly to your inbox at predetermined dates and times.


See CarrierClaim in Action

Claim Mitigation Features

Keep track of salvage

Record salvage details, including amount received for salvage and contact details of buyer.

Mark claims for mitigation

Easily find claims awaiting mitigation with claim status options for Mitigation and Waiting for Salvage.

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Manage Claims Staff

Easy delegation

Use the task management feature for distribution of submitted claims to users in the claim department.

Keep track of employee tasks

Utilize manager view to display tasks and calendars for other staff members. Then, assign or re-assign tasks to other users and set reminders for follow-up.

Set multiple levels of user permissions

Enable different levels of permissions with user profiles; ensure that large claim amounts receive higher levels of approval before being paid.

Keep key players informed

Digitally transmit claim information to internal user groups and outside entities such as terminal networks, independent contractors, adjusters, loss prevention, or safety personnel.

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