Freight Overcharge Claim Processing Made Easy

Don't ignore overpayments to carriers. The Overcharge Claim module makes it easy for shippers,  freight auditors, and logistics professionals to streamline their overcharge claims processing.

Superior turn around time

Freight claims with all supporting documents typically receive payment within 8 – 10 days, improving cash flow.

Increase claim recovery by 15%

Clients using the Overcharge Claim module typically resolve 95% of freight claims, compared to the industry average of 80%.

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See Overcharge in Action

User-Friendly & Automated Overcharge Management

Never miss a claim again

The freight claim system automatically sets follow-up reminders to ensure that unpaid claims are never forgotten. The system even generates follow-up letters at 30, 60, 90, and 120 days after filing.

Avoid incomplete claim reports

The system provides alerts when supporting documentation or information is missing, preventing claims from being sent with incomplete information. 

Easy calculations

Calculate overcharge payments based on the mileage or the weight rate.

Improve Cash Flow

Superior Data Analysis

Go from quick updates to deep data

View the top-level freight claims overview report for a quick update. Then drill down by carrier or specific freight claim for cost-saving data mining.

Identify problem carriers

Identify carriers most likely to produce freight overcharges or decline to pay freight claims, enabling you to do business with only the best carriers.

Support strategy with data

Easy access to historical data allows for fast performance reporting and loss prevention strategy.

Stay Organized

Multiple user functionality

The centralized, online database allows multiple users to edit the database at once - no need to keep track of multiple versions of spreadsheets.

Keep claims data in one place

The system’s intuitive interface keeps freight claim documents organized in one location. Store each claim's supporting documents and photos within the claim record for easy access.

Organize carrier emails

The Overcharge system's email functionality allows you to email carriers from within the system. This keeps records of sent emails organized within the corresponding claim record, eliminating the need to search through emails later.


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