Seamless Data Analysis

Get the big picture at a glance

The dashboard tool provides a high level view of key vendor claim data.

Identify the problem

Identify problem trends with products, shipping locations, or vendors to identify your least resilient products or most problematic vendors.

Proactive solutions

Filter data by vendor claim collections, vendor claim status and damaged trends to identify key factors causing damages, allowing you to work on prevention.

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Designed with the User in Mind

Intuitive & Easy-to-Learn

Most users are ready to use the vendor claim filing system after just one hour-long online training session.

Extensive User and Technical Support

With our web-based system, all updates & support is included in your subscription.

Customize everything

Choose your own custom interfaces - ideal for tailoring software to various user's needs.

Improve Control Over Vendor Shipments and Claims

Prevent missed vendor claims

Follow-up with improved tracking & sophisticated search capabilities to locate the claim and improve claim visibility along with automated report scheduling and alerts.

Improve cash flow

Maintain visibility over vendor claims so prompt follow-up is maintained.

Reduce vendor emails

Required data fields prompt you for all needed vendor claim information before submitting the vendor claim, reducing vendor emails asking for additional information.

Control user levels and authorities

The system includes powerful user access rights to control user levels and authorities. Perfect for creating audit trails; due diligence Sarbanes (SOW) compliant.

Convert freight claims to vendor claims instantly

Vendor Claim integrates seamlessly with MyEZClaim, allowing you to convert freight claims into vendor claims with the click of a button.


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Simplify Your Data Management

Keep supporting documents organized & accessible

Key supporting vendor claim documents such as bills of lading, delivery receipts, invoices and pictures can be attached to the vendor claim easily within the claim system.

Document all vendor communications

The system diary records all claim activities within the system with the time and date. The Notes section allows for additional comments. The built-in email functionality even captures vendor emails from Outlook.

Capture and organize every claim detail

Vendor claim data can be entered on over 200 core fields, from vendor and shipping point information to product details, reasons and key purchase order information.

End confusing data entry with one centralized database

End the confusion of multiple copies of receiving documents tied to vendor chargebacks. With our centralized claim database, multiple people can work on the vendor and freight claim application at once.

Make Vendor Claim Management Easy

The Vendor Claim system allows you to file a claim against your vendor or shipper for receiving exceptions that are not transportation related. See how Vendor Claim will ensure your claim process is streamlined and effective.


See Vendor Claim in Action


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